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Discussion on the construction mode and path of the spot power market in the southern region

at present, the power market in the southern provinces is in the stage of rapid development. In addition to Hainan, the southern provinces have taken the lead in developing the medium and long-term power market in the province. However, with the release of the power generation and consumption plan, the operational amplifier will be destroyed to a certain extent, and the medium and long-term market development in the province will likely encounter bottlenecks, and the further improvement of market-oriented transaction efficiency will face the ceiling. The reasons are as follows:

one of the reasons: the optimization potential of the provincial "small market" is limited

1) the southern provinces have a single power structure, which makes it difficult to give full play to the complementary advantages of internal resources in the southern region

2) in the short term, the growth rate of installed power generation will still exceed the growth rate of demand, the number of power generation hours will continue to decline, the transaction price fails to actually reflect the real cost, and the market activity will decrease

the second reason: the flexibility of spot trading is a powerful supplement to medium and long-term trading

1) the existing medium and long-term transactions are physical transactions, the deviation between the medium and long-term contract electricity and the actual power generation, the deviation between the medium and long-term forecast of renewable energy and the actual power generation lack of countermeasures, and the contradiction between the implementation of medium and long-term transaction contracts and the safe operation of the system is becoming increasingly prominent

2) medium and long-term power transactions in some provinces are the result of negotiation between buyers and sellers based on bilateral games, and are not the overall optimal generation arrangement

3) Western clean energy has good price and external advantages, but its intermittent, random and seasonal characteristics limit its medium and long-term transaction scale in the regional market, making it difficult to give play to the marginal cost advantage. It is necessary to expand the transaction scope and channels to promote the maximum transaction

the third reason: the national power market reform policy strongly supports the regional power market

the implementation opinions on promoting the construction of the power market (fgjt [2015] No. 2752 Annex 2) points out that the regional power market includes two types of power markets with optimized allocation of resources in a large range and a certain range of the country. Among them, the function of optimizing the allocation of resources in a large range of the country is mainly realized through Beijing Power Trading Center (established by relying on State Grid Corporation of China) and Guangzhou Power Trading Center (established by relying on Nanfang power company), which is responsible for implementing national plans and local government agreements, and promoting market-oriented cross provincial and cross regional transactions

to sum up, on the one hand, the regional market can fully explore the potential of the optimal allocation of resources of interconnected power, and improve the transmission and consumption of clean energy; On the other hand, it provides a market-oriented day ahead and real-time trading platform, considering complete power security constraints, and taking the price signal as the priority to form a power generation and utilization plan, which is more suitable for the current power dispatching management system

2 how does the foreign regional spot market operate

according to the characteristics of regional market composition, the foreign typical regional spot market mode can be roughly divided into two types: the whole region unified balance mode represented by PJM and the regional balance mode represented by Nordic power market. The unified and balanced regional spot market is composed of multiple regional entities. Each regional entity adopts unique market rules in a unique trading institution, and is uniformly balanced by a unique regional dispatcher. The regional "big market" with balanced zoning is a combination of multiple "small markets". Different market models and trading varieties can be used in each market. Based on the market regulations recognized by market members, the "big market" is closely connected and formed by measures such as scheduling and cooperation mechanism, trading sequence division, data communication interface specification, etc

3 which model should the spot market in the southern region learn from

first of all, it should adapt to the basic conditions of the southern region: the construction of the spot market in the southern region must adapt to the economic pattern of "province as entity", maintain the agreement plan as the main body of trans regional and trans provincial power transmission and receiving, and maintain the power dispatching mode of "unified dispatching management by General Dispatching and balanced by provinces and regions". Secondly, adapt to the basic environment of power development: the regional market must accommodate the system construction differences and progress differences of the markets in various provinces and regions, and comprehensively consider the general report of the market owner: click the "general report" button, and the starting line of competition such as power structure, approved electricity price and priority generation hours are inconsistent, so it can't be applied across the board

3.1 mode selection of the spot market in the southern region

based on the above analysis, the initial stage of the spot market in the southern region should follow the following basic principles:

1) retain the regional and provincial two-level power markets (corresponding to two-level Trading institutions), and all provinces and regions take medium and long-term transactions as the main body to protect local interests; The medium and long-term framework agreement on the "west to East power transmission" is rigidly implemented to meet the priority of clean energy generation in the West and ensure the implementation and implementation of the national strategy

2) regional and provincial level dispatching shall be reserved, and the regional dispatching organization shall be responsible for the operation of the regional spot market to ensure the safe and stable operation of the connecting line between provinces. The provincial middle note shall be responsible for the operation of the spot market, power balance and safe operation within the province; Regional trading results serve as the boundary conditions and priority plans of the provincial market

in a comprehensive comparison, the Nordic regional market is similar to the southern region. At this stage, it is appropriate to choose the regional spot market model with regional balance, which has the following advantages: first, the centralized clearing of the regional spot market promotes full competition, and realizes the efficient, optimized and accurate allocation of power resources in a wider range across regions and provinces. Second, although the electricity in the regional spot market does not account for a high proportion, it provides a trading platform for market players, especially power selling companies, to revise their medium and long-term power generation plans, reducing system security risks and financial risks of transactions. Third, the joint development mode of "seeking common ground while reserving differences" is conducive to the construction of an equal access, unified and open "spot transaction expressway" on the premise of being compatible with the differences in the construction progress of various provinces and regions

3.2 implementation path of the southern regional spot market

from the current stage to the final goal, that is, "the five provinces and regions jointly participate in the regional balanced spot market", this paper suggests the following implementation path

1) in the initial stage, under the condition that the current power dispatching mode of "inter provincial power transmission and reception plan as the boundary condition and balanced by provinces and regions" of southern power remains unchanged, it will start from the cross regional and cross provincial incremental spot market

2) in the integration stage, when the incremental spot market model in the southern region is mature, market players are encouraged to gradually increase the trading volume of regional incremental spot through incentive policies, and promote the integration of cross regional and cross provincial spot markets into the spot market within the province

4 suggestions for the follow-up construction of the spot market in the southern region

according to the construction ideas of the spot market in the southern region, first, we should take advantage of the policy guidance to advance the layout of regional trading platforms and build a unified and standardized spot trading system in the southern region. Second, we should design the spot trading rules in the southern region, put forward standardized spot market trading rules and relevant connection specifications, be compatible with the personalized and differentiated development needs of different regions, and constantly enrich the market trading services beyond the plan of medium and long-term agreements. Third, we should comprehensively consider the supporting mechanism of the spot market in the southern region, reasonably connect medium and long-term physical contracts with spot transactions, change the existing medium and long-term transaction plan control mechanism, and establish market risk prevention and control, information disclosure and supervision mechanism

5 Conclusion

the article focuses on the analysis of the characteristics of two typical foreign regional markets with unified balance and regional balance, and summarizes that the construction of the spot market in the southern region should adhere to the economic pattern of "province as entity", the national strategy of "west to East power transmission", the national characteristics of two-level dispatching, and the characteristics of the construction of the power market in each province, and summarizes the southern region 3 Reliability verification: according to the given reliability target value range, it is the basic condition for the competition in the provincial power market. On this basis, it is recommended that the spot market in the southern region adopt the classification mode of zonal balance material testing machine according to the loading method, and it is suggested to carry out incremental spot market for all provinces in the region from the perspective of power expansion, and gradually increase the proportion to the integrated development of regional market. Finally, along the recommended mode and path, it puts forward ideas and suggestions for the follow-up construction of the spot market in the southern region. It is hoped that the views in this paper can arouse the discussion and research of experts and readers, and realize the vigorous development of the southern regional market

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