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The world's first injectable reversible male contraceptive: one shot contraception for 13 years

on the issue of contraception, men and women are treated differently

at present, the contraceptive measures that women can take are mainly contraceptives and ligation. However, these two methods are reversible, which means that when a woman wants to get pregnant, she can return to the state before contraception

but for men, there are only two options for contraception: condoms and vasectomy. Although condoms have always been talked about, their effectiveness is not 100%, and vasectomy, although effective, is an irreversible permanent contraceptive method

so, what methods can men also use reversible contraception

recently, the media reported that Indian researchers have developed the world's first injectable male contraceptive. At present, clinical trials have been completed and are awaiting approval from the drug administration

it is reported that the name of this reversible male birth control method is "reversible guided sperm suppression (RISUG)", and its principle is to prevent pregnancy by breaking sperm in the vas deferens

a short story about male contraception

on a Saturday in 2010, a 36 year old man entered the hospital for vasectomy. He was married and had two children, so he thought it was time to have birth control

however, the doctor asked him whether he was willing to participate in a clinical trial of a new contraceptive method, and the doctor explained that this contraceptive method was reversible

subsequently, the man received the clinical trial. The doctor let him lie on the table, covered his lower body with a green surgical cloth methodically, and covered everything except the scrotum

then, the doctor stabbed the scrotum with a needle containing local anesthetic. After the drug took effect, the doctor stretched a pair of fine tweezers into the scrotum and took out a white tube, namely the vas deferens

in normal vasectomy, the doctor will cut off this vas deferens, then burn and bind both ends, and then plug it all back into the scrotum

but this time, the doctor didn't cut it off, but took a syringe, slightly stabbed the needle longitudinally into the vas deferens, and then slowly injected transparent viscous liquid

these steps constitute "reversible guided sperm inhibition (RISUG)"

it is worth noting that the substance injected by the doctor is a non-toxic polymer, which can form a coating inside the vas deferens. When the sperm flows through, they will lose their activity and thus cannot fertilize the egg

inventor of reversible contraceptive --sujoy guha

in fact, RISUG is not the product of some global pharmaceutical companies, nor the research results of the most advanced research laboratory funded by the government. This is the research crystallization of a maverick Indian scientist named sujoy Guha

for this reason, he spent more than 30 years to prove that RISUG can work 100%. So far, hundreds of men who have successfully injected the compound in clinical trials have not been found any failure or serious adverse reactions

at present, the procedure is in the phase III post clinical trial in India, and it is planned to be approved within two years

preliminary experiment

as early as 1979, when Guha was 39 years old, he published a simple four page paper outlining the basic concepts of RISUG

he has begun to try to use a method called "styrene maleic anhydride" "The common polymer was injected into the vas deferens of 25 male rats, and then each male and three females were put into the cage together.

the results showed that after six months, all female rats were not pregnant, while in the control group, all female rats were pregnant.

what's more amazing is that Guha and its research group, which will affect the service life of the device, further experiments show that it can be washed out by injecting another solution The polymer thus restores normal fertility

later, they took monkeys as their research objects and also achieved success

guha explained that this high molecular polymer will not be absorbed by the human body, nor will it be washed away due to the flow of semen. Laboratory tests show that it is non-toxic. Compared with collagen film, it can maintain its effectiveness indefinitely like a magnet

the three steps of the operation

1 As shown in the figure below, just like a conventional vasectomy, the surgeon punctures a small hole in the scrotum and pulls out the vas deferens (a slender white tube). However, the doctor did not cut the white tube, but injected a non-toxic and stable polymer longitudinally into the white tube

2. As shown in the figure below, the polymer is a mixture of styrene maleic anhydride and dimethyl sulfoxide, which will anchor itself to the small folds of blood vessels and cling to the tissue. In this way, sperm and other liquids can still pass through

3. As shown in the figure below, when sperm passes through blood vessels, positively charged polymers will interact with negatively charged sperm, damaging cell membranes and sperm activity, so that eggs cannot be fertilized. However, sperm production and androgen levels will not be affected

then, the question is, if the contraceptive is on the market, will you buy it


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