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Discussion on the development status and development strategies of the hardware industry

hardware system in recent years 5. The adjustable distance from the handle connecting rod of the stroller: About 300mm. The manufacturing industry has obvious export-oriented development characteristics. The export of hardware products has increased in an all-round way, and the main hardware and electrical products have blossomed in an all-round way. Not only the traditional export categories of electric tools, hand tools, and construction hardware products have increased significantly, Moreover, the export growth rate of kitchen and bathroom products, which previously had a small proportion of exports, was also very obvious. The huge market and central position will further attract the transfer of manufacturing centers of hardware multinational companies to China. The Chinese market has been nibbled by the world hardware industry. To improve the competitiveness of China's entire hardware industry, we need to strengthen the protection of domestic resources from the source, start from the domestic market, start from the foundation, and take the initiative by ourselves, so as to avoid the long-term sustainability of being controlled by others

immature technology

adjust and optimize the hardware industrial structure and promote industrial upgrading

China's hardware industry is a labor-intensive industry. Among China's export products, labor-intensive products will still dominate for a long time. At the same time, we should also see that the advantages of labor-intensive export products are slowly weakening for various reasons. If China's hardware industry wants to have long-term development, it must adjust and optimize the industrial structure, not only continue to give full play to the advantages of the traditional hardware industry, but also vigorously develop knowledge and technology intensive industries and emerging industries, so as to promote the upgrading of the hardware industry. Only in this way can we shorten the gap between China's hardware industry and developed countries as soon as possible

cultivate and introduce hardware professionals and improve intellectual capital factors

at present, the lack of professionals has become a bottleneck restricting the further development of China's hardware industry, which is bound to affect the international competitiveness of China's hardware industry. To solve this problem, we can take the road of combining internal development with external introduction. On the one hand, we can strengthen the short-term training of the existing employees of the enterprise to improve the existing human resources situation; On the other hand, introduce high-quality industry talents through various ways to improve the intellectual capital factor of China's hardware industry

promote independent innovation, implement brand strategy, and improve product added value

at present, China's hardware industry is still dominated by quantitative expansion, forming excessive competition at the same level in the international market. To change this development mode, we must adhere to the concept of innovation, innovate in product development and technological transformation, and actively cooperate with scientific research institutions and colleges and universities to jointly develop new product projects, We should strive to explore domestic and foreign markets, overcome quantitative growth, improve product grades, improve the added value of products, and pay attention to the construction of independent brands, so as to enhance the position of China's hardware enterprises in the global industrial division of labor, improve their anti risk ability and their own bargaining power, and then strengthen the sustainable development competitiveness of the hardware industry

vigorously develop hardware industry clusters and build hardware industry chains

China's hardware industry is mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, which is difficult to compete with large European and American companies in a short time. Therefore, it is more necessary to give full play to the group competitive advantages of industrial clusters, take advantage of the specialized division of labor and mutual cooperation functions unique to large, comprehensive and high-speed equipment groups, and strengthen the competitiveness of the whole industry, Occupy a place in the globalized market

give full play to the guiding and supporting role of the government to create a good environment for the development of the hardware industry

increase support for major infrastructure, enterprise technological transformation and independent innovation, energy conservation and emission reduction, and small and medium-sized enterprises, and introduce some effective policies to promote enterprises to develop Chinese brands and help enterprises carry out new product research and development and technological innovation. For example, establish an innovative compensation mechanism to compensate enterprises for their R & D costs through the implementation of tax concessions; Simplify the approval procedures and provide technical consulting services for product innovation enterprises. Create a good development environment for enterprises, and then improve the international competitiveness of enterprises

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