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Discussion on the current situation and development of digital printing in the Chinese market (V)

the development potential of China's digital printing industry from the perspective of foreign development trends

although there are various "variables" in the future development of digital printing, a set of data provided by printing professional institutions is enough to inspire people. The global development trend of printed matter is that the total number of printed matter is rising, but the printing volume of single printed matter is declining. If the printing volume of 5000 copies is used as the "watershed" to divide long edition printing and short edition printing, the development speed of short edition printing is extremely rapid. Digital printing is facing the most dynamic commercial short print market. According to the statistics of the authoritative statistical organization of the United States, this market capacity is about US $15billion per year, and is increasing at an annual growth rate of 21%. The market growth rate of traditional printing at the same time was only 4.5%. As far as the printing market is concerned, this figure reflects the actual growth of the market. There is no doubt that digital printing benefits from short edition printing. China's small and medium-sized printing plants have excessive investment, coupled with low labor prices, many enterprises are getting lower and lower in the initial printing volume to maintain their survival, and some are even below 1000 copies. This situation has resulted in live parts (such as 2000 copies) that appear to be short printed in foreign countries, but may be produced in printing plants in China. Judging from the actual operation of most Express Printing stores in Beijing market, 500 or even 300 copies are already the "watershed" of domestic long and short edition printing, far lower than the 5000 copies recognized abroad. The potential contained in the short print market gives us reason to believe that digital printing also has a bright market prospect in China

from the development of black-and-white and color fast printing, the market trend of foreign digital printing shows that the combination of the two technologies and improving the awareness of value-added services are obvious trends in the field of digital printing. In the United States in 2003, only 9% of enterprises produced black-and-white digital printing jobs, 14% of enterprises only produced color digital printing jobs, and the remaining 77% of enterprises produced black-and-white and color jobs at the same time. These enterprises have great differences in the application of digital printing, mainly including product manuals, company documents, short edition books, bills and statements, personalized marketing materials, and providing value-added services to customers. The statistics of 2003 show that the digital printing market is rapidly developing towards the direction of promoting coal heating granulator and increasing auxiliary services in Northern Shaanxi. In fact, it can be understood as follows: digital printing highlights and emphasizes service rather than the traditional sense of "machine printing" - from the whole process, all-round and diversified comprehensive services such as design, network transmission (or picking up and delivery), and even providing customers with conditions and convenience that can provide self-service. This will also be the future development direction of China's digital printing industry

apart from the attractive description of digital printing applications by equipment manufacturers in marketing and publicity, from the technical characteristics of digital printing and people's flexible demand for printing, as well as institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions, technical supervision, quality inspection stations and other departments, the printing and packaging Market Research Institute of Huicong Industry Research Institute is optimistic about the future development of digital printing, But all this depends on the rapid development of China's digital printing market in the coming years. Development of China's Commercial Digital Express Printing Industry

as the main force of digital printing application, its future development has an important impact on the trend of digital printing industry. In the survey of Beijing's Digital Express Printing industry, successful digital operators agreed that providing unique comprehensive services is the "way to win", and it is increasingly important and urgent to jointly cultivate the digital printing market. In this survey, after having a deeper understanding of digital printing, I have been thinking about such a problem: digital printing actually subverts the impression left by traditional printing to a certain extent - mass standardized printing by factories. Digital printing can be regarded as a kind of mass consumer goods, which can meet the personalized needs of customers. It is efficient and convenient. Just like developing photos, digital printing is around us, and it will be needed in work and life. When people really understand and accept digital printing, they will naturally find a suitable consumption when the demand arises. Since it is a consumer product, it cannot be separated from 235 curtain wall support device market publicity. How to lead everyone to find convenient, fast and satisfactory printing solutions in time is a common problem that digital operators face and need to be solved. Cultivating the market requires a lot of financial and human resources, and it is inevitable that there are risks for the Express Printing shop. However, if you just wait and see, dare not act, and miss a good opportunity to establish industry standards and brands, you will inevitably fall into an endless price war if you really wait until there is a market. More importantly, it takes time to cultivate the market. Relying on the publicity of a limited number of fast printing stores alone can not quickly form a large-scale market demand, which is not conducive to the benign development of the fast printing industry

the development of digital printing industry is inseparable from all the methods that undertake different functions in the whole industrial chain. Based on this, it is proposed that micro indentation method is to measure fine colors, from equipment suppliers who provide digital printing machines to color management developers, including digital fast printing operators. When every link of this chain carries out market publicity for the general public to guide everyone to understand and consume digital printing, and it is not just the operators of Digital Express Printing who promote it in isolation, digital printing is expected to form consumer goods in a real sense, and the whole industry can quickly enter the track of benign development. "Hello, everyone, is really good". To achieve a win-win situation with customers means that you will also benefit. If you want to get a return, you must first learn to pay

strong capital, technology and sophisticated equipment are not enough to make the digital express shop profitable. As an operator said, this is only a necessary condition, but also requires a good profit model, scientific business processes and management. The essence of fast printing industry is service, and comprehensive services that can bring high added value are the key to profitability. Service is simple to say, but different people have different opinions on understanding and practice. To establish brand awareness and deeply tap market demand, we should not just stay on "printing", but enrich our own software and hardware strength, and make full use of the characteristics of variable data printing to meet the needs of short edition and personalized printing market

in terms of service positioning, digital printers in the United States have taken the lead. According to the survey of digital printers conducted by gamis, two thirds of the respondents believed that the income of color variable data printing was significantly higher than that of other graphic content fixed printing and black-and-white personalized printing, and the annual growth rate of the income of color variable data printing reached 57%. However, it is not easy to realize color variable data printing. Even in the United States, the turnover of color variable data printing accounts for only 14.7% of the total turnover of digital printing enterprises. From the current actual demand of digital printing, although small batch printing and on-demand printing have expanded, variable data printing has not increased as expected. The reason is that printing companies lack talents with database experience and technology, and the advantages of variable data printing are not fully expressed in business activities. In fact, using the database to change the printing of information such as name and address is relatively simple. If you need to change the image and local content every time you print, you need the processing technology of the database. Therefore, printing companies in the United States, Japan and other countries have begun to actively hire people with experience in database technology. This is a reference for domestic digital printing operators. Obviously, the domestic market and talents of color variable data printing need to be explored, and opportunities and risks coexist

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