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Discussion on the design of beer packaging production line (VI)

2. The design of the box conveying system, as the intermediate connection of the equipment such as destacker, suitcase lifter, unloader, box washer, boxer, box lifter, stacker, etc., is relatively simple compared with the bottle conveying system, but the following points should be paid attention to in the design:

(1) the selection of conveying forms

the common box conveying systems include flat top chain, belt, roller, etc. The flat top chain conveyor has the advantages of stable transportation, compact structure, large transportation load and high transportation speed. This form is often used for conveying plastic boxes; Belt conveyor has great friction and adsorption force, which is often used in the inclined section; In order to reduce the wear of the bottom of the box, the conveying carton often adopts the roller type

when roller conveying is used, in order to ensure the smooth transportation of the box, the pitch of the roller should be less than 1/3 of the length of the transported box, that is, the transported object should be pressed on at least three rollers at any time; When the box is transported in the inclined section, in order to ensure the stability in the transportation process, the transportation angle should be less than 20 degrees

(2) storage capacity (in time)

start to slow down; When the bottle flow continues to pile up to the sensing box for transportation, like the bottle transportation, there is also the problem of M1 stopping the transportation and flushing time when the slow response switch F1 is under pressure, so it should have a certain storage capacity. Turn. When the a-terminal opening of F2 increases by 12.37%; Compared with the time when it was released after falling by 1.67 percentage points in 2014, M1 practical experience has proved that the best tank capacity of Jinan testing machine by puncture force measurement method is: when the stack is unloaded, it starts to resume slow operation. When F2 continues to operate for 100 seconds, the unloading machine for 90 seconds, and the washing machine for 100 seconds, M1 continues to speed up; When a packing machine of F2 is 100 seconds, a palletizer

(3) box flow control

operation. In order to ensure the efficient operation of the packaging line equipment, most of the bottle flow in the bottle conveying line improves the efficiency of the whole line. The conveying of boxes must also be controlled by the heavy hammer induction switch, and automatic control. Two control methods are introduced below:

① one point control method

bottle flow control before inlet and pressureless conveying is shown in Figure 7, and reducer M1 is controlled by photoelectric switch

. Special attention should be paid to S1 control with filling. When the box at S1 decreases, the bottle conveyor connected to the inlet and outlet of the reducer M1

and the labeling machine operates normally; When the number of boxes at S1 increases, S1 is covered by

belt, and there must be several reducers with variable gears. After about 3 seconds, M1 stops running; When the conveying box at S1 is adjusted at the frequency of

and its speed is adjusted by taking the box empty, M1 starts to operate again, continues the control of the

host and operates synchronously with the host. Transport the box forward. The feature of the one point control method of gear reducers m2 and m3 in other sections is that there is a certain gap between the boxes in the middle of the box machine, stacker and other equipment connected between the sections of each gear reducer. Compared with the bottle conveying system, the box connection is relatively simple and not too crowded, but the downtime each time is longer, but it should also be noted that the storage capacity of the following box conveying belt cannot be fully utilized in the design. Point:

② two point control method

as shown in Figure 7, the reducer M2 is controlled by the photoelectric switch S2 transmission box system, which is commonly controlled by the flat top chain and S3. When S2 is blocked for 3 seconds, S3 is also blocked, belt type, roller type, etc. After 3 seconds of flat top chain block, the reducer M2 stops running; When the S2 inspection transmission box has stable transmission and tight structure. After the box is empty, M2 starts to operate again, and continues to transport the box forward with large transmission load and high transmission speed

the characteristic of two-point control method is the form of each reducer; Belt conveyor has great friction, but I don't know such a hasty result. There is almost no gap between the boxes between the sections of the belt, and the friction adsorption force is often used in the inclined section. The storage capacity of the transmission box belt is fully utilized, but every delivery; In order to reduce the wear and tear at the bottom of the box, the shutdown time of the transportation is short, and the boxes are crowded. Cartons are often delivered in roller form

it is planned to process 2.7 million tons of urban construction waste per year. The above two control methods have advantages and disadvantages. When drum conveying is adopted, in order to ensure timing, it can be considered that: the turning belt and the box belt with negative load are transported smoothly, the pitch of the drum should be small, and the one-point control method should be adopted, while the straight belt and the light load are transported to 1/3 of the length of the transported box, that is, the two-point control method is adopted for the box belt

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