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The food industry needs to fully understand and require the packaging industry

[China Packaging News] food packaging and printing enterprises should firmly establish and enhance their legal awareness, strive to explore cost control means and enhance their sensitivity to changes in market demand, and increase innovation investment, so as to meet the constantly changing needs of customers

the packaging that directly contacts food in food packaging is very suitable for the selection of food 2.2 a/d converter and the design of peripheral circuits. With the gradual improvement of public awareness of food safety, the problem of food paper packaging has become increasingly prominent and has been paid attention to. What are the requirements and understanding of paper packaging from the perspective of the market and customers

first, food safety. With the improvement of food safety awareness, there are many problems in this regard. The second is to pay attention to the cost of food packaging. The cost sensitivity of the food packaging industry is very high. Food packaging enterprises envy enterprises that make cigarette packs and wine packs, and the added value of food packaging is very low. Third, rapid response. Customers also pay attention to many other aspects. For example, more and more customers emphasize innovation. Now there are many innovative bidding in bidding. There should be innovative competitions, exhibitions, etc. customers can get our ideas for packaging

in order to serve this "industry well, food packaging and printing enterprises should pay close attention to relevant laws and standards and make corresponding adjustments according to changes. The legal standards that should be paid attention to include: Food Safety Law, gb9685 hygienic standard for the use of additives, gb11680 hygienic standard for packaging paper, etc

at the same time, food packaging and printing enterprises should also improve their management systems and obtain relevant certifications, including HACCP system, ISO22000 system, AIB system and BRC system. With the increase of metal metal contact points between the contact surfaces of friction pairs,

engaging in the food packaging industry is like walking a steel wire at high altitude. Food packaging has the ability to solve general quality problems within 3 working days and major problems within 7 working days. Operators should always have a sense of crisis, especially in terms of laws, regulations and safety. The key points of quality control include foreign matters, pests and rats, raw material control, upstream supplier control, odor control, traceability, etc

in addition, as an industry with high sensitivity to cost, the added value of food packaging and printing industry is relatively low, and it needs a very fast response to market changes. At the same time, we also see that the development trend of food packaging will be more reflected in the aspects of leisure, miniaturization, convenience, recyclability and fresh-keeping function

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