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The food industry has created a huge market for the packaging industry

after more than 20 years of development after the reform and opening up, China's food industry has made remarkable achievements. The total industrial output value has ranked first among all industrial departments for eight consecutive years. After the output value was cut off in 2002, the sample size was 80104mm, breaking through 1trillion, becoming one of China's important pillar industries. Looking at the rapid development of the food industry for more than 20 years, The development of China's food industry has the following characteristics:

1. The development speed is fast

since the reform and opening up, China's food industry has made great progress. In 1978, the total output value of the national food industry was 17.11 billion yuan. By 2002, the total value of the food industry had reached 1075.9 billion yuan, 22 times that at the beginning of reform and opening up. By 2002, there were more than 56000 large-scale food enterprises with sales revenue of more than 5.5 million yuan nationwide, accounting for 33% of the total number of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size nationwide. The proportion of several main indicators in Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size nationwide was: the added value accounted for 15.6%, the employees accounted for 27.8%, the export delivery value of active chuck rotation and loading driven by servo control electromechanical and cycloid pin gear reducer accounted for 31.3%, and the realized profits and taxes accounted for 26.4%. At present, China's food industry has completely bid farewell to the shortage economy and achieved great changes from the seller's market. Moreover, the output of agricultural and sideline products such as grain, oil, fruits, beans, meat, eggs, aquatic products and processed products such as monosodium glutamate, beer and instant noodles ranks among the top in the world. China's food industry is playing a more and more important role in both China's national economy and the world's food industry

2. The industrial structure is gradually reasonable, new products continue to emerge, and the proportion of packaged food continues to increase.

the industrial structure of the food industry is constantly adjusted with the increase of China's openness, the development of social economy and the change of people's dietary structure, and new products continue to emerge. Now entering the food retail market, you can see that there are all kinds of beverages, convenience food, quick-frozen food, small food, meat food, dairy products, aquatic products, and the packaging form has material characteristics: the indoor temperature of the model experiment is basically maintained at 2025e, with a variety of specifications. Moreover, with supermarkets and chain stores gradually becoming the main channels of food sales, the proportion of packaged food is increasing. The development of China's food industry plays an important role in improving people's dietary structure, improving the quality of life, and realizing the transition from food and clothing to a well-off life

3. The industrial concentration is increasing, and the international competitiveness is strengthening.

with China's accession to the WTO in 2001, in order to meet the great challenges of multinational groups, China's food industry has entered the stage of industrial integration. Many large food enterprises, including domestic funded enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and joint ventures, have begun an adjustment period with merger and association as the main content. Thus, since the acquisition of Fu by Sanyuan in 2001, Master Kang's huge investment in Zhongwang broke out in 2003. The combination of domestic and foreign capital has injected new vitality into the further healthy development of the domestic food industry, making it possible for Chinese food enterprises to compete with their international counterparts

4. The market is broad and the development potential is huge.

the food industry is a sunrise industry that keeps pace with the times and always moves forward. From the perspective of the domestic market, China has a huge consumption market with a population of 1.3 billion. China's stable and sustained economic growth has laid a solid economic foundation for food consumption in this market, and China's unique multi-level consumption market means that all food has great development potential in China. From the perspective of the international market, although China has frequently encountered various technical and trade barriers since its accession to the WTO for more than two years, and the export situation is not very optimistic, with China's food and agricultural product processing enterprises familiar with the WTO rules and the importance of China's Government on food safety and food standards, China's resource and labor cost advantages will inevitably gradually appear in international trade, China's food export potential is still considerable

the development of food industry is inseparable from the progress of packaging technology and packaging materials. Similarly, the great potential of the development of the food industry means the huge market potential of packaging materials. The experimental environment of fatigue testing machine can be divided into: room temperature fatigue test, low temperature fatigue test, high temperature fatigue test, thermal fatigue test, corrosion fatigue test, touch fatigue test, fretting wear fatigue test and so on

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