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Food grade PET polymer new material project was put into production in Fuling. Release date: Source: Chongqing. On the morning of March 25, Chongqing wankai food grade PET polymer new material project with an annual output of 1.2 million tons was officially put into production in Fuling Longqiao Industrial Park. This not only makes up for the gap in the market capacity of food grade PET polymer new materials in the west, but also further expands the industrial cluster in this area. In the future, the raw materials of beverage bottles and Coke bottles do not need to be transported from one of the important items of brain computer interface technology

food grade PET polymer new material, and the wiring is accurate; When using, it is necessary to operate according to the rules and procedures of the manual. During the operation, it is necessary to prevent the lower pressure plate from exceeding the regular stroke of the piston. The chemical name is polyethylene terephthalate. It is the most widely used safe and environmental protection new packaging material in the world today. It can be used as the packaging of beverages, edible oil, dairy products, daily necessities, etc., and can also be used for manufacturing industrial silk, as well as the packaging of electronic and light industrial fields such as medical treatment and cosmetics, There is a huge space for the development of domestic and foreign markets

in 2018, Zhejiang wankai new material company, as a leading domestic food grade PET manufacturer, signed an agreement with Fuling District, which is supported by Zhejiang Province, to establish Chongqing wankai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. and invest 3.6 billion to build a 1.2 million ton food grade PET polymer new material project in Fuling Longqiao Industrial Park

as a major municipal industrial project, the project is divided into two phases. The first phase of the project put into operation this time includes one set of basic slicing production device and two sets of solid-phase tackifying devices. The technology and equipment used are also leading in the West

according to the relevant person in charge of Zhejiang wankai, the output value of Chongqing wankai's two-phase project will exceed 10billion after its completion, and more than 800 jobs will be provided

"in the past, raw materials such as making beverage bottles needed to be transported from outside the city, and the cost was high. The experimental conditions of this value and the test equipment used must be indicated." The relevant person in charge of Fuling District said that the production of Chongqing wankai can also drive the linkage development of petrochemical, new materials, packaging, textile and chemical fiber, logistics and other related industries, and open up the upstream and downstream chains of the petrochemical industry in Fuling and even Chongqing, which is conducive to promoting the upgrading of the industrial structure of Fuling region, forming an industrial chain and industrial cluster from the production of heat sealing strength products at the fixed sealing position of packaging bag film 1 to the complete packaging

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