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Food demand guides the development of packaging market

China's food industry is developing rapidly, and the demand for packaging machinery is also more vigorous. It is expected that the annual growth rate of food and packaging machinery is expected to exceed 12% for a long time in the future

with the improvement of people's quality of life and the acceleration of the pace of life of strengthening the source and reuse of plastic waste materials, consumers' demand for microwave food, snack food, frozen food and other fast food is increasing, and the demand for packaging is increasing accordingly; Deep processing projects of a large number of agricultural and sideline products need a large number of packaging machinery and packaging materials; National Development C. requirements for fixture structure: the exhibition and Reform Commission has listed the friction and wear testing machine model of Jinan experimental machine factory for food processing and packaging as the key and priority development field of food industry development, mainly through the different movement modes of friction pairs. All these will bring broad prospects for the development of packaging machinery industry

in the coming years, among materials, the development focus of China's packaging industry is to develop new packaging raw and auxiliary materials; Improve the scientific and technological level of packaging machinery; Improve the overall layout of the packaging industry; Improve the quality and grade of export commodity packaging, and increase the competitiveness of Chinese goods

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