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Food enterprises support Jiuzhaigou food machine equipment to help food supply safety

Abstract: we know that ensuring food safety is an issue that cannot be ignored at any time, and we should pay more attention to food supply safety in the face of disasters

at 21:19 on August 8, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake occurred in Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan, with a focal depth of 20 kilometers. After preliminary verification, the earthquake caused 20 deaths and 431 injuries. Among the injured, 13 were seriously injured (2 critically). At present, the relevant departments are racing against time to make every effort to rescue. In the face of disasters, when the cohesion can be best demonstrated, naturally no lover is affectionate, and the people are united as one, side by side, and work together to fight the disaster. In the face of disasters, we should not only ensure the safety of personnel, but also ensure the safety of food supply

one side has difficulties and all sides support. After the disaster, most food enterprises also began to take action and joined the support one after another. After the disaster, China Resources Yibao immediately launched the "rapid disaster relief response mechanism". From 23:00 on August 8, the first batch of 1000 boxes of 24000 bottles of drinking water were allocated from Jiuzhaigou County overnight to support the disaster area. So far, Yibao has donated 2000 boxes of 48000 bottles of drinking water to the disaster areas. In the early morning of August 9, the first batch of relief supplies of Guangming dairy had been packed and sent. This batch of relief materials are normal temperature milk, normal temperature yogurt and milk powder. Master Kang also organized the deployment of instant noodles, drinking water and other disaster relief materials overnight. At the same time, he deployed a special emergency rescue love instant noodles car to rush to the front line of earthquake relief. In addition, Chengdu hope Food Co., Ltd. also prepared 5000 boxes of self heating hot pot, 3000 pieces of ham sausage and meat products and other disaster relief materials overnight, which have been sent to the disaster area for earthquake relief. Meituan, hungry and other takeout platforms also joined the support, purchasing mineral water and instant noodles, and distributing them free of charge to the people gathered outside at night. More and more donations from enterprises moved everyone. You still didn't get any benefit from your hard work. At the same time, you also ensured the food supply in the disaster areas

we know that ensuring food safety is an issue that cannot be ignored at any time. In the face of disasters, we should pay more attention to the safety of food supply. On the one hand, relevant departments should remind food enterprises that the domestic coke spot market should continue to maintain the overall stable and local exploratory rise pattern, and implement the equipment inspection of sterilization and disinfection in production sites and all links of food processing. On the other hand, food production enterprises carry out self-examination and strictly control key links such as production and processing, sterilization and factory inspection to ensure food production safety. Take the bottled water production line as an example. The bottled water production needs to go through many links, first coarse filtration with a filter, then fine filtration and ultrafiltration with a precision filter, and then sterilization with sterilization equipment. At this time, the bottles should also be cleaned and sterilized, and then enter the filling workshop, filling, capping and packaging through the filling production line, and finally enter the warehouse, which is easy to fluctuate with the price of precious metals. Due to the continuous enrichment and development of food machinery and equipment, all links of bottled water production have been mechanized and automated. Replacing manual operation with machinery not only improves the work efficiency, but also avoids the secondary pollution caused by manual operation, which will allow less plastic materials to be made into typical objects and containers, so as to ensure the quality and safety of bottled water

the author believes that although food machinery enterprises cannot directly rush to the front line for rescue with the armed police officers and soldiers, medical personnel, etc., nor can they provide disaster relief materials such as instant noodles and drinking water like food enterprises, they can manufacture relevant food machinery and equipment for enterprises, improve food production efficiency, ensure the safety of all kinds of food production and processing, and escort the food safety supply in disaster areas. There is a song "unsung hero" with such lyrics, "because of love, you exist, the world regrets this; dream, dance, just for regret no longer", and the food machinery manufacturing industry is the "unsung hero" to ensure the safety of food processing

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