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Food sampling is not qualified. Have you used these food machinery and equipment

Abstract: at present, relevant departments have urgently ordered off shelves, recalled unqualified products and other measures to prevent and control food safety risks, analyzed the reasons for rectification, and investigated and dealt with according to law

food safety has always been concerned by people. Recently, relevant departments have sampled food production links in regions and relevant platforms, and some food enterprises' products have failed. The main reasons for disqualification are excessive bacterial colonies and excessive food additives. At present, relevant unqualified products have been removed from the shelves or recalled

Shenzhen: Recently, Shenzhen food and Drug Administration released the sampling inspection of food in the production link. It was noted that the Bureau conducted spot checks on more than 260 production chain business entities and 441 batches of various food and food related products, and found 5 batches of unqualified food. Among them, most of the sampled foods (sauce pig ears, water tofu, river noodles, etc.) are over the standard of bacterial colonies or dehydroacetic acid and its sodium salt

Qingdao: the food and Drug Administration organized special supervision and sampling inspection of four categories of products in the food production process, including cakes (including Yuanxiao), meat products, edible vegetable oil and fried goods, of which 9 batches of samples from 8 enterprises were unqualified. The products include meat floss bread, jujube cake, peach crisp, nuts, etc., which are mostly caused by the unqualified total number of colonies, dehydroacetic acid project and nitrite

e-commerce platform: Recently, the former State Food and Drug Administration organized the notification of five types of food safety sampling information, of which seven batches were unqualified, and some were still available on the e-commerce platform. A famous flavor of "noodle skin" at is among the latest 7 batches of unqualified food. It is understood that the 7 batches of unqualified samples are mainly concentrated in convenience foods, mainly due to the total number of microbial indicators, E. coli group, and the water content is usually not less than 900mm in the experimental space, so that the larger detection value does not meet the provisions of national standards

at present, relevant departments have urgently ordered off shelves, recalled unqualified products and other measures to prevent and control food safety risks, analyzed the reasons for rectification, and investigated and dealt with according to law

there is a saying: it can be seen from the above that the unqualified food is mainly the excessive bacterial colonies and food additives. So, can we solve these problems through effective means? The answer is yes. We know that if you don't pay attention during the processing of pastry food, it is very easy to cause the colony to exceed the standard. Many enterprises solve the problem of workshop pollution by introducing sterilizers to produce food in a sterile environment

the author learned that an ozone sterilizer introduced by a food enterprise in Nanning can continuously sterilize and disinfect in the production process, realize the production of food in a sterile environment, reduce microorganisms, and the China Mining Federation has also awarded Jixi the title of "graphite city of China", the occurrence of secondary pollution of food, moldy and deteriorated food and other problems, ensuring the quality and safety of food leaving the factory

in addition to keeping the workshop clean and hygienic, the food production process will also be subject to secondary cross infection by processing equipment, packaging materials, containers and so on. On the one hand, CIP cleaning system should be used to clean and sterilize tools, equipment and materials in contact with food. On the other hand, after food packaging, products should be further sterilized by sterilizers (such as microwave sterilization, ultraviolet sterilization, pasteurization) to strangle microorganisms and other pollutants in the "cradle"

it is understood that the belt pasteurizer introduced by Yaobang machinery has a certain error. It uses a lower temperature, which can not only kill microorganisms and other bacteria, but also maintain the flavor of nutrients in products. In addition, the machine integrates sterilization and cooling, and can realize continuous and automatic production. Through continuous sterilization, it automatically enters the cooling box for rapid cooling, which not only enhances the sterilization effect, but also maintains the quality and taste of food

food quality and safety is a major event for people's livelihood. Relevant food processing enterprises should shoulder the social sense and pay attention to the installation of purification facilities in food workshops, cleaning and disinfection of processing equipment, food sterilization, etc. in food production, so as to effectively avoid the disqualification caused by excessive relevant indicators, better ensure the quality and safety of products, and safeguard the vital interests of consumers

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