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Analysis and preventive measures of electrical misoperation accidents in substation operation

in substation operation duty, electrical switching operation is a very important and complex work. The occurrence of electrical misoperation often leads to major accidents such as user power failure, equipment damage, personal injury and death, and electrical disintegration. The safety work regulations of the electric industry and the electrical operation guidelines have clear provisions on the prevention of misoperation, The company and the bureau have also formulated a series of rules and regulations, but misoperation accidents still occur from time to time

I. misoperation caused by psychological insecurity

people will be constrained, dominated and affected by their psychological changes in the process of work. Psychological changes have a great impact on safety production. When in a happy mood, they work actively, creatively and efficiently, and there are few or no misoperation accidents. When in a bad mood or frustrated, the result is the opposite. The psychological fluctuation mostly occurs in the family to shield, because some problems in the work are misunderstood by the leaders, after being criticized, the psychological inequality, the pressure of the vehicle enterprise to reach the VOC national standard is actually not great, and the competition for the post is not satisfactory, etc., while the fluctuating mood accumulates over time. If this continues, unsafe factors will arise spontaneously, and the probability of misoperation will be high. The psychological manifestations of the Habitual Violation of rules by the personnel on duty are as follows: (1) there is a widespread psychology of taking chances to follow the crowd. I think that I have been engaged in this work for many years, and everyone has done it like this before, and there has been no problem. Based on my experience, it should be no problem to do it like this; (2) . ingenuity. Greedy for convenience and afraid of trouble, he always wants to get the best effect with less effort. He thinks that the work is very simple and can be completed in a few minutes. He often operates without tickets, uses the unlocking key or does not use the corresponding safety tools and instruments; (3) Arrogance and ignorance. Not familiar with on-site equipment, a little knowledge of operation skills, pretending to be reckless, not implementing the "two tickets" regulations, relying on experience and imagination, self righteous, blind operation; (4) , paralysis, rebellious psychology. Have experience, knowingly violate illegal operations, do not wear work clothes, do not buckle safety buckles in safety helmets, do not "use insulated tools and instruments, and replace high-voltage insurance without protective glasses; (5) Live up to your psychology. In the daily equipment inspection and maintenance work, they are greedy for speed, the inspection is not in place, and the equipment defects are not found in time; Lay hidden dangers for future operating equipment

II. Misoperation caused by the execution of electrical operation tickets

the electrical safety work regulations and electrical operation guidelines stipulate that "two tickets" are written orders that allow work at the operation point, and are also an important basis for clarifying safety and scope and realizing safety measures. Therefore, it is extremely important to fill in "two tickets" correctly and normatively, but we find that "two tickets" are still commonly scrawled and arbitrarily altered in our daily work, Irregular problems such as unclear filling of work tasks, unspecified safety measures, and blank items on the ticket will directly affect their correct implementation

(1) the operator on duty did not carefully review the work ticket, and the errors in the work ticket could not be found and corrected in time, thus leaving hidden dangers for subsequent operation

(2) use unqualified operation tickets. The operation ticket has no number, one operation ticket has more than one operation task or the operation task is unclear, the operation is not marked with "√" according to the regulations, the operation ticket has missing items, combined items or the order is reversed, the ticket is not signed according to the regulations, the handwriting is unclear, and it supports the two industries to eliminate the production capacity or alter the keywords, the dispatching statement is not used according to the regulations, and the installation location and number of the grounding wire are not specified, Before installing the grounding wire or checking the insulation, there is no "electricity inspection" or the location of electricity inspection, draft operation ticket, etc

(3) if the switching operation order is not issued and received according to the regulations, it shall be received by the unauthorized attendant. Because the recipient is not familiar with the operation mode and procedures of the on-site equipment, he does not understand the operation order correctly. If he does not repeat it again, the error cannot be corrected in time

(4) the guardian does not carefully supervise, does not perform ticket recitation during operation, does not carefully check the name, number and position of the equipment, installs the grounding wire without electricity inspection, or even leaves the operator to do other work, or operates separately with the operator in order to be in a hurry

(5). The simulation diagram is inconsistent with the actual system connection. The expanded equipment has been put into operation, but it has not been marked on the simulation diagram or on-site equipment; When the equipment number is changed, the simulation diagram has been changed but has not been changed on site, or the simulation diagram has not been changed on site; When resuming operation after equipment maintenance, a group of grounding wires need to be temporarily retained for some reason, but they are not marked on the simulation diagram, resulting in closing with grounding wires during the next operation; The shift handover is not carried out according to the system; After filling in the operation ticket, there was no rehearsal on the simulation diagram, and the operator signed to agree to the operation without carefully reviewing the ticket, so that the errors on the operation ticket could not be corrected in time

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