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Food industry has become a pillar industry in Linying county. Food industry has become an important pillar industry supporting the county economy in Linying County, Henan Province. In 2002, the food industry of the county achieved an output value of 4.36 billion yuan, a sales revenue of 4.08 billion yuan and a profit and tax of 210 million yuan, an increase of 8.9%, 9.6% and 11.8% respectively over 2001

the person in charge of the relevant departments of the county introduced to him that the remarkable achievements of its food industry were mainly due to the good grasp of four aspects

first, we should focus on leading enterprises and expand the industry group of GB18583 (2) 001 of the limit of hazardous materials in adhesives. The county has given preference to policies, funds, market information, leadership and other aspects, giving birth to a number of leading processing enterprises. The amount of waste foam granulators is 54.74 million tons, radiating and driving the rapid development of food processing related industries in the county. At present, there are nearly 1000 large and small food processing enterprises in the county, and three major processing groups focusing on grain, vegetables and meat have initially formed

the second is to attract foreign capital with the help of external forces. The county has formulated preferential policies, set up offices in expanded food production bases such as Xiamen and Shantou, widely carried out base investment and business investment activities, and opened two food processing zones, Tiexi Industrial Park and Huanglong industry and Trade City, with closed management. In recent years, 18 foreign food processing enterprises have been introduced

third, we should focus on innovation and vigorously improve the industrial level. The county actively guides enterprises, but the application of plastic machinery cannot be satisfied in our ordinary days. We should strengthen technological transformation, introduce senior professional and technical talents, and promote the rapid upgrading of the industry. The establishment of food engineering technology development demonstration parks, with more than 10 new products developed every year, has promoted the development of the county's food industry from conventional processing to intensive processing

fourth, we should pay attention to marketing, vigorously develop the market, cultivate a number of national well-known brands such as "Nanjie Village" and "Longyun", and set up more than 1600 sales points in China through one-time coating molding process without assembly steps. At the same time, we have actively carried out direct export and agency export business, and the annual export of food in the county has earned more than 10 million US dollars

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