The hottest food from Hebei to Beijing has an ID c

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Hebei Jingcai has an "ID card"

citizens can query the drug residues in vegetables through the product label information code

yesterday, the pilot project jointly undertaken by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of agriculture and the Hebei Provincial Department of agriculture - "Jingcai vegetable product quality traceability system" was launched. From now on, six vegetable pilot bases in Hebei Province will use unified packaging and product label information codes to supply the two wholesale markets of Xinfadi and Dayang road in Beijing. Through the product label information code on the vegetable package, citizens can find out the detection of drug residues in vegetables, the quality certification of the production base, and even the name of the specific producer

the pilot work requires the demonstration and promotion of pollution-free production technology in the pilot base; Establish a traceability system for the quality and safety of vegetable products imported from other ports into Beijing, that is, improve the market access system of vegetables by standardizing product packaging, using product marks and label information codes, and establishing a filing system in Beijing. According to the introduction, in addition to the basic product information, the product label information code should be pasted on the fixed position on the vegetable packing box in the pilot base. Consumers can query the relevant information of vegetables from the pilot base by sending a 20 digit information code to by uploading, texting, etc

according to the introduction, the six pilot bases are: Chengde Everbright company, Dingzhou Tianguan company, hongqiying Township, Chongli County, cuijiazhuang, Funing County, LVYE company, Fengnan District, Tangshan, and wawuxinzhuang, Yongqing county

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