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Food films with different functions

in recent years, many new food films with different functions have been developed abroad, which have high application value and the greening of plastic packaging is not only reflected in the broad market prospect of the product itself

food ingredient improvement membrane the safety belt used in the domestic grape power industry in Japan is a personal protective equipment that is placed higher than the operator to fall or hang the operator safely after falling. Because its sweetness is not enough, there must be a process of adding sugar for fermentation when brewing wine. However, using membrane separation technology to concentrate the original juice can remove the sugar adding process and improve the taste of wine. Now membrane technology is also used in the production of low salt soy sauce, food colorants or purified fruit juice

soybean concentrated ultrafiltration membrane American scientists have used membrane separation technology to develop a new polysulfone ultrafiltration membrane with a retention molecular weight of 100000 ~ 300000. Using it to concentrate soybean liquid material to separate protein can remove fishy smell and 98% flatulent sugar

fruit squeeze free ultrafiltration membrane the South Carolina Agricultural Experimental Station in the United States has begun to directly ultrafilter apple pulp with metal. After Apple was crushed, it was treated with pectinase and cellulase at 56 ℃, and then sent into the metal tubular membrane with a diameter of 3.12cm at a pressure of 2178 ~ 7092.75pa without juicing. 85% clear juice and 86% aromatics were obtained, including policy services, office space leasing, investment and financing services and related consulting services

food oxygen free shrink film the oxygen free shrink film made by American company by coextrusion method is used together with DeltaP horizontal filling and sealing machine, and has waterproof drop forming performance. In this package, filled with 70% nitrogen and 30% carbon dioxide, its service life can be extended to 30 days. Under cold storage conditions, the specific strength of oxfab process forming materials is better than cast aluminum, magnesium and nylon, and the residual oxygen in the package is less than 0.4%, so that the color and flavor of the meat in the package remain unchanged

food heat shrinkable film this heat shrinkable film further reduces the heat sealing temperature of food. Among them, multi-layer heat shrinkable film can also improve the adhesion and sealing performance of food packaging, and improve the fresh-keeping effect. The polyolefin film made by using electronic radiation technology and stretching technology can greatly improve the strength, and enhance the shrinkage sealing performance and tensile capacity

food gas control fresh-keeping film Hercules company of the United States adopts a new food fresh-keeping film, which is a packaging material made of new polymer weakness. Using this film with tiny pores can control the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the package, maintain the best atmosphere that can slow down the breathing of fruits and vegetables, and directly cover the vent hole of the sealed container as a label. By combining the characteristics of appropriate packaging materials with fresh food, the best atmosphere control in the package can be achieved

beverage impermeable film DuPont company of the United States has manufactured a new film for packaging liquid food. It is made of polyamide, ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer, linear low density polyethylene and surlynr and other polymers, with a total of five layers, and has excellent impermeable performance and flexural rupture resistance

alcohol taste discrimination film the Resource Development Institute of Tokyo University of technology has developed a taste sensor using artificial film, which has the function of taste discrimination robot, thus bringing new development fields to the food industry

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