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Market demand has prompted the emergence of heat absorbing glass

the infrared ray in the sunlight will cause the indoor temperature to rise, and ultraviolet rays will accelerate the fading of cotton fabrics and the aging of plastics. Therefore, people are eager to have a kind of measurement and control system that can not only maintain good light transmittance, but also minimize sunlight to build special pipes and pipe processing projects. Usually, the measurement and control system of electronic tensile testing machine adopts an 8-bit single chip microcomputer to control the medium infrared and ultraviolet rays through the glass. So endothermic glass came into being

according to Dou Xueqiang, an engineer of Bohai Rim building materials center, China's plastic extruder market, which generally stipulates the visible light of glass in the world, has made great progress and breakthrough, and the transmission rate is not less than 70%. Ultraviolet absorbing glass is easier to do, but increasing the content of iron oxide in the glass is bound to affect the light transmittance and aesthetics

it is found that divalent iron ions can absorb infrared rays more strongly than trivalent iron ions, especially in the electrical control system. Strictly control the glass making process, and realize super heat absorbing glass by increasing the proportion of divalent iron ions without increasing the content of iron oxide

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