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The market development direction of flexible packaging inks in China

at present, China's flexible packaging inks are close to 50000 tons, of which chlorinated polypropylene inks account for more than 40%, polyamide inks account for more than 30%, polyester polyurethane inks account for nearly 20%, and others, such as alcohol based inks, account for less than 5%. Polyamide inks were the earliest industrialized in China. Due to the shortcomings of poor temperature resistance, poor oil resistance and poor water resistance, the consumption is decreasing year by year, Chlorinated polypropylene ink has become the largest variety in China at present because of its good adhesion fastness to BOPP. However, due to the residual chlorine brought into the ink production and aromatic hydrocarbons such as toluene as solvents, it may cause food pollution and do not meet the environmental protection requirements, resulting in great insecurity in use. Due to its many modified varieties, wide application range, good temperature and water resistance, high printing gloss, low toxicity, polyester polyurethane ink is developing very rapidly, and is gradually accelerating the pace of replacing chlorinated polypropylene ink. Although alcohol soluble inks are rarely used at present, their growth rate is also accelerating. More and more enterprises use alcohol soluble inks in combination with two-component polyurethane adhesives to reduce the use and emission of toluene

after years of exploration, many flexible packaging enterprises have formed a complete set of enterprise management experience from new product development to process research, from quality assurance system to production cost management. Especially in recent years, the temperature has rebounded after reaching a fixed value of 1, and they have invested more enthusiasm and attention in the establishment of a modern enterprise certification system

in the past two years, more enterprises have passed ISO certification than the total of the past decade. Some enterprises have also passed IS014000 international certification and international environmental protection system certification. On the one hand, it improves the self-management of flexible packaging enterprises, on the other hand, it also lays a solid foundation for going abroad. However, there are also many problems in the booming flexible packaging industry: first, the detection means of flexible packaging products continue to be strengthened. With its unique advantages, flexible packaging accounts for an increasing proportion in the packaging industry, and its application fields are also expanding. Due to the complexity of structure and technology, enterprises lack sufficient testing means, many enterprises do not even have the minimum testing equipment, and lack the quality analysis, operation and management personnel of high-quality aquatic products. Therefore, the quality control problems of flexible packaging products are becoming more and more prominent. Detection of composite strength, soft package sealing. In actual production, the detection of heat sealing strength, sealing performance of flexible packaging, and solvent residue is very important to adjust the process, improve product quality, avoid enterprise risks, and ensure the safety of contents. Flexible packaging enterprises must establish and improve corresponding measures and means as soon as possible. Secondly, it is urgent to improve the leadership of industry associations and strengthen the standardized management of the industry. At present, there are mainly four domestic associations involved in the field of flexible packaging: Plastic Products Association, flexible packaging information association, Packaging Technology Association and Printing Technology Association, which mainly provide technical exchanges and consulting services in the industry. The normative management of the industry is far from enough, which is very detrimental to the healthy development of the industry and the protection of the interests of enterprises in the industry. The association must timely summarize the development status of enterprises in the industry, pay attention to the universal problems existing in the development of enterprises in the industry, standardize enterprise behavior, protect the interests of enterprises in the industry, and find and stop misleading propaganda of some enterprises on the basis of solving practical problems for flexible packaging enterprises. At present, the most urgent thing is to establish the prestige and unified leadership of the industry, standardize enterprise behavior and protect enterprise interests through the establishment of standards and binding implementation. For example, formulate standards for thousands of composite films with different uses, structures and materials, and specifications as soon as possible, formulate industry standards for adhesives and inks as soon as possible, put forward policies and regulations to adapt to environmental protection, industrial health, resources, etc., reduce the use of solvents, especially toxic solvents, and organize research on the safety and hygiene of food, drugs, chemicals, and packaging materials with various special requirements as soon as possible, Environmental protection standards and experimental detection and evaluation methods. In addition, an arbitration institution should be established or recognized to coordinate and determine the quality litigation. At present, there are quality inspection arbitration institutions in China, but they have insufficient understanding of the composite film itself, so they should be evaluated according to immature standards. For the soft package 2, including the accessories and things with the application function of the experimental machine, which should be randomly supplied to the installation enterprise and the enterprise providing raw materials, the quality risk is great

in short, with the improvement of domestic food enterprises and flexible packaging enterprises' understanding of flexible packaging materials and the further improvement of standards, raw material production enterprises must pay attention to the safety and hygiene of their products in order to remain invincible, provide better services and seek greater development for soft self-contained enterprises

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