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The market demand for high-performance polymer composites in the United States will reach $10billion in 2020

the demand for high-performance polymer composites (fiber reinforced polymer materials) in the U.S. market will reach $10billion in 2020, with an average annual growth rate of 5.3% during this period, slightly slowing down compared with the growth rate. As we all know, the rapid growth in those years was mainly due to the production of Boeing 787. Because its fuselage was more than 50% made of composite materials, this greatly stimulated market demand. In general, the demand for polymer materials in the aerospace industry is growing steadily, partly because of the wind energy utilization and the high-pressure vessel industry. These two markets are characterized by small growth and fast growth. In addition, the high cost and labor-intensive production of polymer materials are also destined to be difficult to expand the market

by 2020, the main market of high-performance polymer materials is still the aerospace industry. However, in terms of the demand for materials, the high-pressure vessel industry has shown the fastest growth rate; In addition, the wind energy industry will continue its consistent high-speed growth. Some analysts believe that recently, the government has expanded the tax credit of products again, which has also brought benefits to those markets that have been volatile for many years; With the increasing length of turbine blades, it is bound to promote manufacturers' demand for carbon fiber to achieve lightweight

thanks to its low cost and wide application, carbon fiber will become the leader in measuring the actual performance of experimental machines according to the most basic physical properties of polymer materials by 2020. When the international market is generally weak, it accounts for 85% of the total market demand; Aramid composites, which are widely used in industry, follow closely; Other fiber composites performed mediocrely, mainly because most industries except military aircraft had weak demand for them

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