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Application of the transition section of the tower crane

1 problem presentation

in mid July 2002, Xinxing Construction Corporation planned to install a tower crane in the experimental building project of the Fourth Research Institute of the air force. According to the construction schedule, the tower crane was put into use in mid August, with a construction period of 6 months. The building is 130m long and 25m wide, with 4 floors above the ground and 18m high eaves. According to the general plan of the project and the lifting capacity of formwork components, the technicians analyzed that the company's own c5015 tower crane can meet the use requirements. Due to the large length of the building, the tower crane needs to be installed as a walking crane. However, the c5015 tower crane of the company is a fixed configuration. If a large fixed tower crane (such as HK40/21b type, with a lifting torque of 295tm, and a monthly rent of about 75000 yuan) is used to replace the walking c5015 tower crane (with a lifting torque of 100tm, and a monthly rent of about 28000 yuan), the cost is high. If the walking base is newly purchased, the utilization rate is not high, and the time is not allowed

after investigation, a large number of walking bases of tower cranes of other models are idle in the company, but in practical application, there are the following problems: first, the bases and tower bodies of tower cranes of different models and manufacturers cannot be used universally; Second, the cross-sectional dimensions of the base and the tower are different; Third, the connection mode between the base and the tower body (mainly including pin shaft and high-strength bolt) cannot be used universally

the existing base interface section in the company is 2mx2m, with two connection methods of bolt and pin shaft, while the tower body section of c5015 tower crane is 1.6mx1.6m, with pin shaft connection. Therefore, after careful analysis, demonstration and calculation, it was decided to make a transition section to solve the problem

2 solution of transition joint of tower crane

the transition joint of tower body can connect the walking base with different sections and connection modes with the tower body. It has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight and good structure

according to the actual size of the selected tower crane and base, the upper section size L of the transition joint is taken as 1.6m, and the lower section size L is taken as 2m. The upper connecting seat is connected by pin shaft, and the lower connecting seat is connected by bolt

during the design of transition joint, according to the provisions of GB/t13752-1992 code for design of tower cranes and GB50017-2003 code for design of steel structures, the working state and non working state are checked according to the most unfavorable load combination. After calculation, the transition joint meets the requirements of the maximum installation height of the tower crane, and the components meet the requirements of strength, stiffness and stability

after the processing of the transition joint, assemble the tower body, transition joint and base, and then conduct the test according to the working and non working stress conditions of c5015 tower crane. And also simulate the external construction conditions, and do the full scene effectiveness test of metal impact machine operation. The conclusion of the two tests is that the transition joint meets the use requirements. After the installation and commissioning of the tower crane, the transition joint and the whole machine were inspected according to the specified items and procedures, and the acceptance was qualified

3 application effect of transition joint technology of tower crane

using transition joint, it only costs 12000 yuan to assemble a walking tower crane by using the idle walking base of the original tower crane, which can save about 300000 yuan of base purchase money, save the time of new base purchase, and timely meet the use requirements of the construction site. Due to the use of the base of the large tower crane, the gauge is increased, the anti overturning stability of the tower crane is improved, and the self-supporting height of the tower crane is increased

transition and the popularization of solar photovoltaic module power generation as a clean and environmentally friendly new energy in the domestic market are limited due to cost. The device saves the remaining problems brought about by the development of tower crane leasing industry over the years - the contradiction between the idleness of the original walking base and the non walking device of the newly purchased tower crane. By using the transition joint, the fixed tower crane has a walking configuration, the main performance of the tower crane is improved, and the market competitiveness of the tower crane is enhanced

since 2002, the company has successively applied transition joints in 18 projects, including the project of Tongxian Luhang University, the project of Beitaipingzhuang surveying and Mapping Bureau, the project of Daofeng science and Technology Park, and the office building of the Ministry of public security, to solve the problems of the connection between c5015 tower and qtz100 base, c5015 tower and F0/23B base, mc180 tower and H3/36B base, and mc120 tower and F0/23B base, and achieved satisfactory results

it is widely used in the fields of household appliances, communications, medical treatment, automotive electronics, solar photovoltaic, wind power generation and so on. The performance indicators of the whole series of products have reached the leading level at home and abroad. Using the existing 21 sets of walking simulation technology to develop the base, through the development of a certain transition section (each cost 12000 yuan), complete the walking configuration of 60 tower cranes, Theoretically, a total of 10million yuan can be saved, 1170t of steel can be saved, and 3000t of concrete can be saved

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