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In the future, the market demand and development of China's plastic products

some analysis and prediction points out that, for example, in the field of wind energy, China's plastic raw material resin will grow rapidly from now to 2015, and several world-class large-scale ethylene engineering projects will be expanded. The total amount of ethylene will reach about 850000 tons in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", and the synthetic resin will increase significantly, providing a raw material basis for the development of plastic products industry; In terms of per capita consumption, China's per capita consumption is only about 12 kg, while that of developed countries is 30 kg~100 kg, and the world's average consumption is also 18 kg. Therefore, the development prospect of China's plastic industry is very broad. In the past 10 years, the application fields of plastic products in the world have been continuously expanded. In the next 10 years, the world's plastic products will grow at a rate of 3% per year. By 2010, the total output of the world's plastic products will reach 186 million tons

the development of China's plastic industry in the future will be mainly in agricultural plastic products, agricultural plastic water-saving equipment, packaging plastic products, building plastic products, industrial transportation and engineering plastic products. Now the agricultural water-saving and energy-saving agent packaging plastic products are described as follows:

agricultural plastic products: according to the incomplete statistics of the agricultural film professional committee of China Plastics Association, there are nearly 1000 agricultural film production enterprises of different sizes in the whole industry, with a production capacity of more than 20 million T/A, and the actual output is more than 10 million T/A, including about 60 enterprises with an annual production capacity of more than 10000 t. There are about 30 large-scale backbone enterprises, whose production capacity and annual output account for 60% of the national total. China has become the country with the largest output and use of agricultural film in the world. According to the statistics of the Ministry of agriculture, the cultivated area of horticultural facilities in China reached 86 in 2005 About 70000 Hm2, covering an area of 12million hm2 nationwide, plus ammoniated film Silage and wrapping film "They also have functional use of forage film, plastic seedling containers, sunshades, insect proof fields, fishing gear, agricultural product storage and preservation materials, pesticide equipment, foam plastic plates, etc. on some models, and they need about 30 million T/a of plastic products.

agricultural plastic water-saving equipment: according to the preliminary planning of the water conservancy department, the water-saving irrigation engineering area should reach 0.093 of the new water-saving irrigation area on the basis of the current 170 million Hm2 Million Hm2, and the cumulative import of non-ferrous metal ore commodities increased significantly to 27 million Hm2. Among them, sprinkler irrigation is 5.267 million Hm2, and drip irrigation is 66 70000 Hm2, 93000 hm2 of pipeline water delivery, 333 of canal seepage prevention 30000 Hm2, need all kinds of plastic water-saving devices, such as all kinds of pipes and fittings, emitters, sprinklers, anti-seepage films, geotextiles, etc. 170000 T/A

energy saving benefits of plastic products: plastic building materials can not only replace a large number of steel and wood, replace traditional building materials, but also have the advantages of energy saving and material saving, ecological protection, improving living environment, improving building function and quality, reducing building weight, convenient construction and so on. The energy-saving benefits of plastics are very prominent, and their energy-saving benefits are reflected in two aspects: saving production energy consumption and using energy consumption. In terms of production energy consumption, plastic products are 1/4 and 1/8 of steel and aluminum production energy consumption, and the production energy consumption of rigid PVC plastic is only 30% - 50% of that of cast iron pipes and steel pipes. The production energy consumption of plastic water supply pipes can be reduced by about 50% compared with metal pipes

packaging plastic products: packaging is still the largest field of plastic application, and its development is still much higher than other traditional packaging materials. The output of cement and chemical fertilizer in China ranks first in the world. At present, more than 50% of cement packaging uses composite woven bags, as well as mineral products, chemical products, synthetic resin, raw salt, sugar, cotton and wool. Due to the lack of paper and jute resources in China, plastic packaging as the main packaging material is an inevitable trend

China is a large country of grain production, with an annual output of nearly 500million tons, requiring a large amount of packaging materials. The small packaging of grain in China has started and made progress in some big cities, but it is troublesome to deal with them. If the proportion of small packages for grain sales in China reaches the level of developed countries, it needs at least 1.1 million T/a of various plastic substrates. Food, beverages, drugs, washing supplies, cosmetics, chemical products, etc. are developing rapidly in China. They have a great demand for packaging products such as composite films, packaging films, containers, turnover boxes, plastic pallets, etc. for example, the output of beverages is basically doubled in five years, and it is estimated that it will reach about 30million tons by 2010, of which 50% will use polyester bottles, that is, about 12 billion. There are also convenience food, dairy products, cans, food, monosodium glutamate, candy, biscuits and other packaging materials that need millions of tons. There is also a large market for pharmaceutical packaging. To sum up, the total demand for packaging materials and products is about 550000 T/A

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