Packaging materials for the hottest detectable bac

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Packaging materials for detectable pathogens

tox inalert company in Canada has developed a new packaging material for detectable pathogens. Using a protein based antibody detection system, the packaging material can detect Salmonella. The utilization of expanded materials has developed to a higher level and brought more value, including Campylobacter, Escherichia coli, Listeria and other four pathogens. When the packaging materials come into contact with contaminated food, they will change color to help customers design, develop and produce better product response of time testing machine in a faster and more economical way. The packaging material can also be used to detect the protein characteristics of pests or genetically engineered foods. Packaging materials can be processed into any shape, suitable for different product needs. 80% of the components are polymer films, and the rest are metal foils and plates

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