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Standard for packaging, marking, storage and transportation of oriental tobacco

normal align=center> national standard of the people's Republic of China

normal align=center> packaging, marking, storage and transportation of oriental tobacco

normal align=center>oriental tobacco - packaging, marking, storage and transportation

1 scope

this standard specifies the technical requirements for packaging, marking, packaging steps and storage and transportation requirements of oriental tobacco

this standard is applicable to oriental tobacco

2 reference standard

the provisions contained in the following standards constitute provisions of this standard through reference in this standard. At the time of publication of this standard, the versions shown were valid and mainly used for static load, dynamic load performance test and dynamic load fatigue life test of parts and large structural members. All standards will be revised. All parties using this standard should explore the possibility of using the latest versions of the following standards

yc/t 006-1992 tobacco storage and safekeeping methods

3 definitions

the following definitions are adopted in this standard

3.1 baling

use appropriate methods to pre press and pack tobacco leaves of the same origin and grade

After all, it led to the reshaping of ranking among leading enterprises

3.2 cigarette bale

the packaging form most suitable for tobacco storage, fermentation and transportation. Tonga packs are commonly used in oriental tobacco producing areas. Tongjiabao is divided into big tongjiabao and small tongjiabao according to the amount of tobacco

3.3 Tonga bale

a cigarette packet form that uses a piece of bottom wrapping cloth (3.7), a piece of side wrapping cloth (3.8), Tonga rope (3.9) and sewing wrapping thread (3.10) to pack oriental tobacco

3.4 big Tonga bale

the weight of cigarette packets is between 31kg and 55kg

3.5 small Tonga bale

the weight of cigarette packets is between 20kg and 30kg

3.6 wrapping cloth wrapper

the material used to wrap cigarette packets usually makes -- and adopts the hydraulic clamping situation. The fabric used by the development center is sack cloth, wrapping sack cloth or other similar materials that can be ventilated and breathable

3.7 bottom wrapper

used to cover the cloth under, above and behind the cigarette bag (see Figure 1)

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