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Qingxian Korea Industrial Park packaging materials project

project name: Qingxian Korea Industrial Park packaging materials project

Industry Classification: light industrial food

region: Qingxian

project content: many branches of Zhenhua Group have a large demand for packaging materials every year; In addition, there are many sweater export processing enterprises in the local area, and all their products are packaged with unified specifications. In view of this market demand, Zhenhua Group plans to build a packaging material production project. Use the existing funds, plants, personnel, etc. of the group to seek external partners for joint development

economic benefit analysis PVC SG (7) or PVC SG (8) is more suitable for the matrix resin of pvc/wood plastic composites: according to the current situation analysis, the annual demand for packaging materials of the existing subordinate enterprises of Zhenhua Group can reach about 3 million yuan, plus the demand of enterprises in the surrounding areas, the current annual sales volume is expected to be about 10 million yuan. Moreover, the local area has abundant and cheap production raw materials, so the development prospect of this project is optimistic

cooperation plan: the total investment and capital source of the joint venture

project: the total investment of the project is US $1million. Both Chinese and foreign parties can make contributions in cash, plant, equipment, technology, brand and other ways, and the proportion of capital contribution is determined by both parties through negotiation

contact: at the China International Rubber and plastic exhibition last month, Zhou Xuan, Zhang Peng


zip code: 062650

Chuan designed a qualified glass fiber fabric structure and multi-layer composite felt:

e-mail: qxbiiche@

mailing address: South Korea Industrial Park, Machang Town, Qingxian County, Hebei Province

(information source: Hebei Cangzhou business window local business window)

the coating has a high fire resistance to hydrocarbon fires (coating thickness 2.27mm

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