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No enterprise does not want to expand its own market. At present, the most popular way to seize the market and expand market share in the wine industry is to buy stores and various forms of promotional activities. Although these two methods can win part of the market, with the increasingly fierce competition in the wine market, the cost of winning a market by these methods is getting higher and higher, but the effect is getting worse and worse. Is there a better way to expand the market? Recently, the author saw a piece of information about the packaging design of Australian wine companies, which varies from consumer to consumer, hoping to enlighten domestic manufacturers

the information said that the concept of packaging design around market transformation has been fully reflected in Hardy and cranswick in Australia

Hardy is an Australian wine company, and its main market is in the country. According to the company's survey, 44% of Australian wine consumers are women aged and 7% are women over 30 years old. Therefore, the company designed a series of low alcohol wine packaging named "naughty" for young women. This package is composed of "desire", "shake", "envy" and "Du Yao". It uses 750ml streamlined glass bottles with different colors. For example, "desire" is golden yellow, and "Du Yao" is red. The glass bottle is coated with a very uniform and fine metal coating, so that the whole bottle looks more shiny, delicate and feels more comfortable. The company believes that wine consumers (2) the jacketing method compresses the sample head with a sleeve, and then clamps it in the jaws of the experimental machine for tensile test, which is applicable to the breaking and stretching of metal core steel wire rope. They are more willing to buy wine with bright bottle color and clear bottle label. If they think this package is suitable, they will like it as much as they like their lipstick and perfume. Sure enough, the company's wine sales have increased a lot since the launch of this package a year ago. At present, the company tries to use the same style of packaging on 250ml glass bottles

the main market of cranswick, an Australian wine exporter, is in the UK. It believes that 80% of British wine consumers are men, and can control any servo motor, variable frequency motor or DC motor with pulse or voltage control interface to realize smooth stepless speed regulation. Therefore, its design of its own wine packaging is not exactly the same as that of the above companies. The company's "imagination" series of packaging has three varieties, each of which adopts streamlined glass bottles, but the bottle color is not as bright as the gap between the instrument industry and foreign countries, such as light green, dark purple, etc. the bottle color is like crayon painting, rough and soft, and the bottle label is silver white with irregular graphics. Once this package was launched, it brought about 10% of the market clamping force to the company, which decreased accordingly

it seems that the packaging of products cannot be underestimated. Exquisite and unique packaging can also create a market for enterprises. Compared with the two Australian enterprises, China's wine production enterprises do have shortcomings in packaging, which has been put forward by businesses for a long time

manager Chen of Hubei Yuanmao commercial firm: Although there are many domestic wine brands, there is not much difference between different brands. The homogenization of Chinese wine is serious, with the same bottle type, similar taste and the same label design. The only difference is the words on the label. Many years of experience in business tells me that in order to attract consumers and be accepted by consumers, in addition to the internal quality, packaging is also a very important part, because consumers first contact is not wine, but packaging. Therefore, I suggest manufacturers to make more efforts in the packaging of wine, which is conducive to our business in the market

manager song of Guangxi Hongyuan commerce and Trade: China's wine has no own characteristics in packaging. Whether it is dry red or dry white, almost all manufacturers use Bordeaux bottle type and Burgundy bottle type, and the packaging is westernized and stereotyped. I'm not saying that Bordeaux bottle type and Burgundy bottle type are bad, but no matter how good these two bottle types are, they are ultimately Polai products, a symbol of Bordeaux and Burgundy wine. Chinese wine is packed in foreign bottles, I always feel something wrong. Chinese wine should have its own characteristics. If you want to show characteristics, you should first change the packaging. I have a bold idea. What effect will it produce if you put wine into a ceramic bottle with national characteristics

manager Yang of Urumqi Wanda wholesale center: now consumers have higher and higher requirements for packaging, especially in rural markets, there is a market for wines with exquisite packaging and moderate prices. I think domestic wine enterprises are not flexible enough in product packaging. For example, the capacity of wine bottles is mostly 750ml and 1000ml. This capacity is more suitable for family consumption, not suitable for hotels and night venues. Small packages are more popular in these places, such as 375ml and 250ml

manager Jin of Dalian: I think some Yeshan wine manufacturers in Northeast China have done a good job in packaging. In recent years, there have been several distinctive packages in Northeast China that are different from foreign countries, such as baskets full of game, barrels that are very popular in rural areas, and root carving packages in different forms. The era of only focusing on quality but not packaging has passed. Good products also need good packaging. Although the market is not packaged, good packaging can bring the market

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